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Thank you for making my surprise such a wonderful one!

I have always wanted to soar like a bird of prey, and now I have!

I cannot recommend this experience enough, and urge anyone looking for the most amazing time to treat themselves immediately!

The flight was a great experience, awesome in fact

Ian MacAdam - a natural – a born instructor

Warm sunshine, a friendly welcome from Learn to Fly staff at the tiny airfield in Upminster, and the relaxed atmosphere all helped to make my Microlight flight really memorable and exciting. The take off and landing were really exciting - felt like a big bird zooming up into the blue and the viz was superb! … I could see the white curve of the Dome in the distance in the curve of the Thames, and was very sorry when it was time to turn back to the airfield. The ground loomed up fast, but Ian made a skilful landing and I was back on terra firma, happy and wanting to have another flight soon!

Patricia N Microlight Trial Lesson

Having experienced many forms of flying; gliding, balloning as well as conventional planes this Microlight experince was in a league of it's own! The feeling of being at 1,800ft with only a piece a fabric above your head and a small piece of fibreglass under you was absolutely mind-blowing. Although I felt a real sense of vunerability at the start of the flight, this soon passed as the stunning 360 degree vista unfolded before me as we climbed higher & higher. Ian, my instructor pilot, was outstanding and answered all of the questions I was asking him during the flight. His skill as a pilot was obvious but this was matched by his ability to communicate in a reassuring informative manner. Flying very close to the QE2 bridge over the Thames estuary at Dartford was truly the highlight of the flight followed very closely by the Touch & Go manouvre he undertook towards the end of the flight - a real adrenaline rush! What ever you do DON'T MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!

Barry H Microlight Trial Lesson

Turning 50 made me promise myself I'd take on 50 challenges, my family started me off with Red Letter Day vouchers and hang gliding proved to be truly amazing! Flying like a bird, wind in my face, able to see for miles - awesome!

Lesley G Tandem Hang Gliding

Wow, Wow, Wow! Clearly nervous and wondering why, oh why, I had booked myself (yes, booked it myself!) such a terrifying experience, upon arrival at the airfield I could not have been more welcomed or reassured. My microlight flight was truly exhilarating, awesome and Ian, my pilot, was inspiring, calm, professional and good fun. I cannot recommend this experience enough and urge anyone looking for the most amazing time to treat themselves immediately!

Julia C Microlight trial lesson

My flight was a surprise 50th birthday present to me from my family and it was the best present ever!! I thoroughly enjoyed my flight with Ian - my only complaint is that the time went too quickly! I've nothing but positive feelings about the whole experience - from the information/briefing beforehand, the flight itself and your friendliness afterwards. It was a very special occasion for me. Thank you for making my surprise such a wonderful one!

Angela B trial microlight lesson

I absolutely loved the flight - thank you! Thanks again to all concerned with Saturday's great experience. A memorable way to start my 62nd year! Wondering what to try if I make it to 70!

Jean S tandem hang gliding

A truly memorable day right from when I arrived at the airfield. The crew were very welcoming and attentive to my party and nothing seemed to be too much trouble…. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who wanted a different type of air experience. Thank you Red Letter Day for sourcing such a superb company.

Keith S Trial microlight lesson

The flight was a great experience, awesome in fact. Ian gave every confidence that it would be safe and the landing was the softest I have ever experienced, whatever the size of plane. Love to do it again sometime.

R Wiltshire trial microlight lesson

Thank you so much. It was a real pleasure to meet you guys, I have to say the hang gliding was awesome, so smooth and gentle. A great way to start my next year, so thank you again. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and family.

Preea G tandem hang gliding

The weather was bright ... with superb visibility. As we flew out over the Thames estuary we could see for many miles in every direction, from the skyscrapers of London to the windfarm in the estuary. In an open microlight you are much more part of the atmosphere than when peering through the limlted porthole of a jet airliner.

Rowland W microlight trial flight

The hang gliding experience was fab … I have always wanted to soar like a bird of prey and now I have!

Marcus S Hang gliding

On Tuesday I flew as passenger in a microlight aeroplane. The passenger perches in the rear seat; the pilot sits between the passenger's knees. The gondola is akin to a hip-bath, in size and layout. You are in the open air. Exhilarating and exciting it is ... flying at 75mph and 2100 feet above the ground. It happened from a tiny airfield near Upminster in Essex, flying over Essex flatlands and the Thames Estuary and returning to base by another route. It was like riding a bucking bronco. My pilot described our landing apologetically: 'bumpy'. The wingspan is 27 feet. For comparison, the Californian Condor, silently patrolling with elegant ease the peaks of Andes, has a 29 feet wingspan. Your informality and friendliness strike just the right note, especially for those who arrive a wee bit apprehensive. Compare with LHR, where many arrive wound-up, only to get more wound-up! I left you entirely satisfied with all aspects of the event. It is all fab fun! Great success story.

T. Fiddler microlight trial lesson

The tandem hang gliding could not have gone better with no waiting around. The briefing was quick but efficient, then straight into the air on the glider with some fantastic views for approx 20 mins, then back down to earth with the smoothest of landings.

Bryan B tandem hang gliding flight

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, come down to the airfield and have a look around and meet Ian - he'll make you very welcome. Or come and see me if you need any more info about the school – there’s lots more to tell!

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