Learning to Microlight

Our students are our priority, and our aim is to train you towards a high level of competence and airmanship, in a time frame that suits you, in an open and friendly environment.

What we offer?

  • full training to CAA approved syllabus to attain National Private Pilot's License (Microlight)
  • Full time Instructor with over 30 years flying experience and 5000 plus hours on a range of different aircraft, including light aircraft, gliders, and both types of microlight.
  • Ground School
  • Six day per week flying, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • Flying courses and booking times to suit your schedule - including evenings and weekends, and intensive courses.
  • Advice and support on buying machines and equipment
  • 10£/hr off when you book a course of 10 lessons.
microlight in flight


Flight training will start with an introductory flight so that the student can develop a feel for the unusual sensation of flying, before sitting in the front "pilot's" seat.

The instructor sits behind the student and the first basic exercises are covered so that the student can learn to control the aircraft. Typically around 10-15 hours will be needed before the student can be sufficiently progressed to go for the first ‘solo’ flight - a milestone in any student’s career.

After solo is achieved the student can progress with building solo time in and out of the circuit, and more advanced exercises including emergency procedures.

Learning to fly takes as long as required to get to a level where you can go for the GST, General Skills Test.

Flight training will include developing navigation skills, ie. the art of flying reasonable distances away from the airfield without getting lost. And most importantly of all, the student needs to develop the art of good landings, and as we say: 'good airmanship.'

Each student is different and the rate of learning will depend as much on the student's ability to keep coming to fly as on any 'inate ability.' Regular lessons will reduce learning time.

A minimum of 25 hours is needed to attain the unrestricted National Private Pilot's License (microlight). This includes 10 hours flying solo and 15 hours dual flying with an instructor. Two qualifying cross country flights are required with 2 out-landings of greater than 25nm from the point of departure. However, 25 hours is a minimum and there is no guarantee that a license will be gained in this amount of time. It is quite possible to take 5, 10 or even 15 hours longer depending on the individual.

Thruster GMZGY


We will always be happy to advise on purchasing an aircraft, as it can be daunting for a novice. It is quite common for schools to expect their students to purchase an aircaft whilst they are training to finsih their solo hours.

Gary in his 582 Quantum

What does a Microlight cost?

A new flex-wing will cost in the region of £45k to £65k depending on the specification and the manufacturer. Find out more information about the cost of keeping and maintaining a microlight.

Older machines can be bought for as little as £2000, but be warned - you will get what you pay for!  A second hand Quantum with a two stroke engine will costs around £5-6k, or a four stroke equivalent £8-13k. A new flex-wing will cost anything from £40k. Find out more information about the cost of keeping and maintaining a microlight.


To train for NPPL(Micorolight), you should anticipate a cost of around £3500 - £4000 to cover your flying lessons, flight training, ground school and exams. For more information, read our article 'The Cost of Learning to Fly.'

Why Learn-to-Fly?
  • Over 30 years flying experience!
  • Based in the beautiful South of England, at Popham Airfield, nr. Winchester.
  • 7 days a week, most weekends included, subject to weather and by appointment.
  • Friendly instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience!
  • Learn to Fly at your own pace!
  • Committed to helping you get your license in a time frame to suit you.
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Our Prices 2024
  • 30 minute trial flight: £95
  • 45 minute trial flight:£125
  • 60 minutes trial flight: £155
  • 90 minutes trial flight: £225
  • Further training: £155 per hour
  • £10 off per hour when you book a course of 10 lessons!
  • Book now to start your training!