Trial Flights/Introductory Lessons

The best way to find out what microlighting is all about is to come and have an introductory flight. You'll be given a quick one on one briefing, showing you the controls and how to take your seat behind / aside the instructor and taking to the skies.


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What is a Microlight?

The term 'microlight' refers (in the UK) to any aircraft weighing less than 450kg MAUW, a maximum of 2 occupants, and various specific limits with regard to wing loading and stall speed. It can refer to two different types of microlight. You say Fixed Wing, I say Flexwing...


The Two Types of Microlight

There are basically 2 types of microlight, "fixed wing" or "flex wing." However in each genre of microlight there has become a huge array of different aircraft with new designs coming in every year.

The microlights of 2017 are a far cry from the microlights of 1980. The flex wing has evolved from the early days when hang gliders were equipped with engines. Nowadays they are capable of flying at 100mph and have been used to fly round the world, to Australia and over Mt.Everest!

A flexwing is more open to the elements, flies like a hang glider, and offers insurpassable all round views.

A fixed wing microlight is much warmer, generally enclosed, and is controlled just like a light aircraft.

They are built with tube and fabric in some cases and fibreglass and composites in later desgins. Prices for second hand machines can be as little as a few thousand pounds, to £80,000 for the latest hot ship.

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Fixed wing or Flexwing?

'Fixed wing' microlights, also known as '3 axis' or 'ultralights' look and feel more like a conventional light aircraft, but are much lighter and more affordable to run. They use elevators, aelerons and a rudder to achieve control through control surfaces mounted on the wings and tail section.

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Our Prices 2017

30 minute trial flight: £95

45 minute trial flight:£125

60 minutes trial flight: £145

Further training: £125 per hour

10 off per hour when you book a course of 10 lessons! Must be used inside 12 months.

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Learning to Fly

You don't need to be a genius, or a millionaire to learn to fly a microlight! All you need is to be relatively motivated and of good health to enjoy one of the most affordable and fun forms of light aviation.

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