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Hang gliding is all about Free Flying... no engine, no noise, just the whistle of the wind in your face and a clear calm perspective on the world below you.

We provide tandem flights in the fantastic ATOS VX tandem hang glider.

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You will be safely enclosed in a snug-fitting harness, and your BHPA instructor will be controlling the hang glider at all times, releasing from the tug, and flying the glider to a controlled landing. Rest assurred you will be in safe hands!


The 'Atos VX' hang glider is towed up behind a microlight aircraft or 'tug' to an altitude of just over 2000 feet before the tow line is released, and you slowly glide back down to earth. The whole flying experience usually lasts around 15-20 minutes, or more if there is the necessary thermic activity to stay up longer.

Damyns Hall from above: aerial view

The Tug

We use a Quantum-912 microlight specially equipped for towing hang gliders, and the aerotow will last an exhilarating 3-4 minutes, after which the instructor will release the towline and away you go, gliding down silently in the gentle breeze.

Meet the Tug Pilots: Our volunteer tug pilots tow the hang glider up to 2000 feet.

The hang glider:


atos glider overhead

This is no ordinary hang glider. We use an Atos VX which is manufactured in Germany by A-i-R and it uses the latest developments in hang gliding incorporating state of the art "rigid wing" technology.

With a large 16m wing span, and fantastic composite construction including raised wing tips and a tail fin, this glider offers the pilot exceptional performance and ease of handling.

The VX is a large version of the VR, and is designed to take 2 people, with a maximum all up weight of 230kg.

Weight restrictions apply - Due to the prescription of maximum all up weight limits for the hang glider and its 2 occupants, a passenger weight limit of 14.5stone / 95kg applies with our current tandem instructor (20/07/2014).

Flying Conditions

We want to make your flight a memorable and safe one, so we aim to take you up when flying conditions are smooth and the air is less thermic. The best times of day are early mornings and evenings. Your safety is paramount, so if conditions change on the day of the flight, we reserve the right not to fly. A decision will be made early on when possible, so please phone us before you set off.

Visit our Weather Information page to learn more about the weather and how it might affect your booking.

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